Meaningful, Structured Data

Codify automatically identifies entities in your text, including people, organizations and more.


People, not text

Entities are the key actors in your text data: the bills, people, organizations, citations and more that are mentioned in your unstructured content. Codify uncovers these entities, delivering structure, clarity, and insight to your data. Codify uses machine learning techniques in combination with its vast datasets to deliver meaningful enhancements to your text.

Simple for developers

Access Codify using an easy to understand REST API. Simply POST unstructured text to our API and receive back structured data.

Send Codify this block of text:

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, House Judiciary Committee Member Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) joined Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) in leading more than 190 House Democrats in introducing the “Keep Families Together Act”.

And receive this back:

        "term": "Jerrold Nadler",
        "type": "person",
        "civicfeed_id": 9099,
        "offset": 115
        "term": "Keep Families Together Act",
        "type": "bill",
        "civicfeed_id": 1122867,
        "offset": 197
        "term": "Ted W. Lieu",
        "type": "person",
        "civicfeed_id": 16500,
        "offset": 58

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